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The largest of the Sporades, Skopelos is also the capital and historically the most important, due to its wealth, generated by fine locally produced wine.

Its charms are many and varied: firstly the ┤chora┤ or main town of Skopelos, is considered by many to be one of the prettiest harbourside towns in the Greek islands; its houses are built in tiers which ascend up to the hills from the port which is lined with mulberry and plain trees. 

Most of the town┤s tavernas, bars and cafes are to be found along the waterfront, in which traditional Greek foodand drinks can be enjoyed while watching watching the world go by.

Many hours can be spent just wandering around the narrow cobblestone streets, discovering hidden courtyards filled with flowers, finding the town┤s many Byzantine churches (there are over one hundred and twenty in the town alone), or just browsing in the small craft shops and boutiques.

Secondly the island has a wide selection of beaches from which to choose, whatever your taste in beaches is: Most of the beaches are situated along the southern coast, which can be reached by bus, car or moped, along the island┤s one main road, but which is best explored by hired boat, so as to find the tiny sandy coves lapped by turquoise sea, which will probably just be shared with a few seagulls.

For those who enjoy walking or mountain biking, the interior of the island has a multitude of unmade tracks and trails which pass through tiny hamlets, past peaceful country chapels, and often giving unexpected glimpses of the sea and wonderful views. in one walk you can go through rolling hills and valleys filled with almond, plum, walnut, chestnut and olive trees, past numerous mountain springs, and up steep mountain tracks surrounded by the extensive pine forests, meeting on your way a friendly farmer or two, with his mule or goats.

Here the only sounds are of the wind in the pines, birds singing, and the distant tinkle of goat bells.


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